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Anything Goes Athletics - 6 Week Full Trial Membership - Meredith NH
Anything Goes Athletics - 6 Week Full Trial Membership - Meredith NH   View Item / Website
Address: 55 DW Highway, Meredith, NH 03253   View Map
Phone: 603-279-6500

It is their goal to make your time training at Anything Goes Athletics the highlight your day. Whether your goal is to move better, feel better, perform better, or look better they will be there with you to guide you every step of the way.

They treat every client, regardless of age and fitness level, at Anything Goes Athletics as an athlete. Every time you step into their gym it’s an opportunity to unlock your body’s full potential. By addressing imbalances, asymmetries and weaknesses, we help you restore your body’s natural ability to move.

Anything Goes Athletics offers personal training, kettlebell training, group training classes, membership, and sports performance training. They also offer online nutrition groups and various seminars and workshops. If you are an athlete looking to excel at your sport, they have you covered! They will help you improve your performance with proper strength and conditioning training and they will also take the time to address your areas of weakness and instability, helping to reduce your risk of sports-related injuries. They have experience working with athletes at all levels, starting as early as middle school, and including athletes represented in MLS, NFL, and MLB. For additional information please visit their website.


6 Week Full Trial Membership
This $99.00 NH DollarSaver certificate is good for one 6 week full trial membership. Cannot be combined with any other offers.
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